Turn Trafalgar into Tahrir Square on March 26

Posted: March 20, 2011 in Uncategorized

All eyes are now upon the TUC demonstration on March 26th. Hundreds of
thousands of trade unionists, pensioners, welfare recipients, disabled
people and students will be marching together against the ConDem cuts.
These cuts are not only about savaging our services. They are about
transforming British society in the interests of the few – the rich
and the powerful. Our message is simple: we the many will stand
together to defeat these cuts.

Over the last few months, a new dawn of resistance has swept the globe
with huge crowds occupying Tahrir square in Egypt and the State
Capitol in Madison, Wisconsin. This has inspired millions, as the same
shock doctrines and neo-liberal attacks threaten to devastate the
lives of ordinary people the world over. Here, our own government has
no mandate to cut and is also weak as its policy u turns have shown.

On March 26 we are inviting everyone to join us to stay in Trafalgar
square for 24 hours to discuss how we can beat this government and to
send a message across the globe that we stand with the people of
Egypt, Libya, Wisconsin and with all those fighting for equality,
freedom and justice. We want to turn Trafalgar square into a place of
people’s power where we assert our alternative to cuts and austerity
and make it a day that this Government won’t forget.


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