Why Trafalgar? #10

Posted: March 20, 2011 in Uncategorized

Derek Wall, member of the Green Party and author on 'why Trafalgar?'

The failure of the huge Stop the War march to stop the invasion of Iraq in 2003 shows that marching, important as it is, is never enough.

Imaginative and disruptive direct action works far more effectively, even when it does not directly succeed it raises the temperature and makes it more difficult for elites to further their projects of domination.
The scale of the cuts in Britain is devastating, a crisis created by the market is being used to extend the market.  Because the three major political parties are neo-liberal in nature, they can’t see this.  Deregulation of the banks led to disaster and the debt is being used to justify more deregulation.  We are in the era of disaster capitalism.  A threat to us is never a threat if it involves questioning the market, yet from environmental catastrophe to the obviously failed economics of being an oil addicted nation, if it doesn’t work the coalition will make sure it gets worse.
Fat short term profits are always the goal.  So using debt to justify breaking up the NHS on efficiency grounds is an excuse for selling health care to US corporations.  Arts and education are under assault.
The debt could be cut by cutting Trident and war, improving energy effeciency and raising taxes on the rich but this is not what Clegg and Cameron want.  Cuts are necessary for their planned restructuring of UK society, completing Mrs Thatcher’s assault on the working class.
By cutting benefits and making workers more insecure, wages can be cut and the conditions created for future capitalist accumulation.  The cuts are aimed at breaking the public sector unions and putting poorer voters on the streets, its a power project for an elite.
So we have to resist and resist effectively.  We must make make London our Cairo and Trafalgar Square our Tahrir.
The work of groups like Uncut shows that direct action has an effect, so has the inspiration of occupations and militancy by students.
Don’t mourn, don’t just march, organise and occupy…see you all on the 26th!


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