Why Trafalgar? #11

Posted: March 20, 2011 in Uncategorized

Ciara Squires will be striking together with her lecturers this week and occupying Trafalgar on Saturday

Quite simply, because Trafalgar square is our Tahir Square! Because it’s been the center of political and class struggle throughout the history of Britain as well as being in the heart of London, we need to shut down london and Trafalgar square is the place to do it.  Most recently, Trafalgar square is known for where thousands of students and school kids were kettled in the freezing cold and snow for hours and hours with 153 rounded up and arrested for fighting for our and future generations education and to save EMA. We’ve been kettled, beaten by police, charged with horses and batons in scenes not seen since the poll tax riots. But that hasn’t stopped people fighting back, a whole new generation is becoming radicalized as the scale of the attacks pushes deeper. Trafalgar Square is a significant symbol but it’s also more than that.

March the 26th is without a doubt going to be the biggest demonstration in Britain since Stop the War in 2003. The sheer number of people didn’t stop our government attacking Iraq then and the TUC march on the 26th alone won’t be enough to stop the savage cuts against ordinary working class people. We need to collectively show the tories that we won’t go away, we will occupy a space with huge political and cultural significance and show that it is our space and creating an atmosphere where ordinary people have to confidence to organise together. Trafalgar square is one of the first significant steps we can take. We need to use it as a springboard to resisting everywhere to create a mass movement which will involve local and general stirkes, demonstrations, direct action and fighting every single attack that the Tories and Lib dems throw at us; We all need to unite to save public services, housing, our schools, pensions, EMA, the NHS and education.  It will give us the opportunity to discuss the resistance how we’re going to bring down this condem government and show solidarity with all those resisting everywhere, from the amazing and inspiring Egyptian and Arab revolutions to Wisconsin, we will show them we are with them and part of a global fightback

The huge wave of uprisings and resistance across the globe has inspired us all. The revolts springing up everywhere have smashed the myths that we can’t fightback effectively, this governement is weak- a huge peoples movement in Britain can bring it down and occupying trafalgar square will be a huge step to giving people the confidence to fight back till we win, WHOSE STREETS? OUR STREETS!

London-Cairo-Wisconsin, We will fight- We will win!

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