Why Trafalgar? #2

Posted: March 20, 2011 in Uncategorized

Rob White on 'Why Trafalgar?'

When the Governor of the Bank of England Mervyn King expressed surprise that there had not been more public protest at the Con-Dem austerity regime, he effectively issued a challenge to everyone who repudiates the idea that the bill for the greed and incompetence of predatory financiers should be paid by ordinary people.

It is vital to rise to the challenge. Last autumn, confronted with massive increases in tuition fees, tens of thousands of students and their supporters took to the streets and changed the terms of the debate about the cuts. Further demonstrations, occupations and flash-mob actions have followed: if the government hoped to smash opposition through the sheer malicious scale and speed of the cuts, they have been disappointed.

On March 26, hundreds of thousands will show their defiance and affirm their commitment to real fairness, to a big society based on equality rather than exploitation. But precisely because the Con-Dem government of millionaires is cynical to the core, it will already be preparing platitudes to dismiss the demonstration.
It is not be enough to march and then go home. This is why I support the call to occupy Trafalgar Square. We must show that opposition cannot be dismissed and when we do it in this way we will stand in unmistakable solidarity with the growing global struggle for the power of the people not the tyranny of the rich. Turn Trafalgar Square into Tahrir Square!


  1. nasser marhoon says:

    Hello dear , I am a journalist warking for alarabiya TV it is one of the leading channels in the Arab world based in Dubai , I am planning to fly to london to cover the story . I hope that i will get the help from the organizers .
    see you on the 26 of march in trafalgar square

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