Why Trafalgar? #6

Posted: March 20, 2011 in Uncategorized

Junaid Ejaz from Huddersfield on 'Why Trafalgar?'

The Tahrir square will be remembered as symbol of victory of people over its tyrant dictatorship. It was a testimony to the resistance and uprising of people against the ruling class of their country which was backed by the so called democracy loving western rulers. But what happened in Egypt and other Middle Eastern countries is just a job unfinished.

The ruling class in the west has been exposed. They are to be blamed for the acts of tyranny of dictators in the Middle East, Who on hand preaches democracy to the rest of the world, but drop bombs on the innocent civilians on the other. As the events are unfolding in Libya, it shows how these parties lie to its own people before elections to get into power but do exactly the opposite after getting into the realms of the power. They are on a mission to ruin the lives of working class people: they have made savage cuts in the public funds, but on the other hand, they do have money to continue the military campaigns all around the world. Where banks have billions of pounds in spare to give bonuses, hundreds of thousands of people are losing their jobs.
26th of March is going to be a historical day when hundreds of thousands of trade unionists, pensioners, welfare recipients, disabled people and students will be marching together against the ConDem cuts and showing solidarity with the people all across the country who are living under the fearing mongering regime who wants to deprive the people in this country to even breathe. Stand up and rise against the evil ConDem and write a new history.

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