Why Trafalgar? #12

Posted: March 21, 2011 in Uncategorized

Ashok Kumar is the Education Officer at LSE Students' Union

The last few months have witnessed a worldwide explosion of resistance from below.  Whether its the sustained occupation of the state capital in Madison Wisconsin, or the occupation of Pearl Square – Bahrain or Tahrir Square – Egypt, the message is clear – one-day demonstrations are simply not enough, it is only through mass and sustained disruption that we will be able to change the institutions of power. 

The Demo on the 26th is gearing to be the largest in nearly a decade, we can’t just let it come and go.  This coalition while slashing and burning the last vestiges of the welfare state has now open the floodgates by supporting military intervention in Libya. 

To turn Trafalgar into Tahrir is critical to bring the resistance home.  Trafalgar Square hasn’t been chosen out of hat, it represents the focal point of protests for generations of people in the UK.  For activists to hold what is the center of London will be critical to building an alternative vision to the savage cuts of the Coalition Government.  It is time we escalated our tactics.  One-day demonstrations, and occupations of lecture theatres in little pockets around the country are simply not enough. 

Our actions will implicitly fight the homelessness laws in Westmister and turn direct action into civil disobedience. We need a united, central, large-scale and long-term demonstration that can be used as a launching pad for more actions and a nucleas for the resistance.

  1. Ben says:

    Do you not agree that the government has a mandate from the voters? The Conservatives are the largest party in Parliament and had an open manifesto of cuts. Our government is not corrupt and our MPs are working hard for their electorate.

    The mobilisation for this protest has been massive. Because of its size I think it’s safe to say that everyone who wants to be there will be there. Consider, then, that everybody who is not there supports the government’s actions.

    You live in a world where everyone supports the cause. Never forget that you don’t represent the people: our MPs do.

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