Why Trafalgar? #15

Posted: March 21, 2011 in Uncategorized

The past few weeks have shown the power of taking over very public, visible and symbolic places.

Hero Austin is Sabbatical Officer at LSE Students’ Union and a Community activist

Part of the reason that the occupations of the Capitol in Wisconsin and Tarir Sq are/were so powerful, is because they are naturally places which people gravitate towards. They can be taken over  and converted into a central rallying point and space for organising.  But it is more than that- they are not just alternative spaces, they are overtly public place; central to the city, encountered by thousands of people in the course of everyday life, and importantly part of the city, not surrounded by fences.

An occupation of Trafalgar Sq would bea  similarly powerful and confrontational gesture. It would echo the occupation of squares all round the world by people who are standing up for equality and freedom, and in so doing would be an immensely strong statement of our commitment to equality in our country.

So when you March on the 26th, bring a tent, a sleeping bag and come and join us in Trafalgar Sq

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