Why Trafalgar? #19

Posted: March 23, 2011 in Uncategorized

Tom Henry is the prinicipal admin of the 15k-strong facebook group Students against tuition fees

Following the scandalous announcement of a trebling in university fees there are now some very angry young people out there that have been told by the goverrnment ‘you’re alone, your education is worth nothing to us’. Many of these young people – children – who could have been doctors, engineers, lawyers are now, at a time of record youth unemployment, forced to try to find work in dead end jobs which will seriously harm their academic prospects. Many will give in and cost the taxpayer far more throughout their lifetimes.

These very young people must rise up and help to change our country for the better. Michael Gove tells us ‘there’s no money left’. But NHS funding is up, pensions are up. Share prices are back up and shares in the nationalised banks have quadrupled.

The government is in the midst of an assault on young people and young, poor people in particular. The 100% cut to EMA, 80% cut to university teaching and 45% marginal tax premium for graduates is completely out of sync with ridiculous claims that ‘we’re all in this together’. The result will be a generation that is forced to take what it can, that has been taught nothing of the values of interdependence and respects no society. 20 years down the line it will not be a good time to be old and dependant on the kindness of others, especially not those so cruelly shunned whilst still children.

The ‘big society’ is in fact no society. It is a big lie.

There are upcoming protests planned. We urge all youngsters and their families and friends to stand up and be counted, protest and resist the devastation being wrought upon our futures. To fight for what is right and what is fair.

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