Add your name or organisation to the list of supporters by e-mailing

The initial signatories include:

John McDonnell MP

Jeremy Corbyn MP

George Galloway

Mark Bergfeld – Education Activist Network

Michael Chessum – National Campaign Against Fees and Cuts

Charlie Kimber – National Secretary Socialist Workers Party

Resist26 – Stay for 1 Day

Paul Brandon Chair Right to Work

Laurie Penny – Journalist

Ed McNally – School and FE Students Against Cuts

Professor Chris Knight – Battle for Britain

Jody McIntyre – Journalist

Lowkey – Rapper

Nhs Direct Action

Barnaby Raine, School and FE Students against the Cuts

Tom Henry – Students Against Tuition Fees

Nina Power – Writer

Ashok Kumar – LSE Education Officer

James Haywood – Goldsmiths College President-elect

Clare Solomon – ULU President

Kanja Sesay – Black Students Officer NUS

Alan Bailey – LGBT Officer NUS (open-place)

Vicki Baars – LGBT Officer NUS (women’s place

Robyn Minogue – University of Arts London SU Education Officer

Louis Hartnoll – University of Arts London President

Sean Rillo Raczka – Chair of Birkbeck SU

Claire Locke – Campaigns Officer London Met SU

Prince Johnson – President Institute of Education

Nicole Lukas – London South Bank SU Education Officer-elect

Daniel Cooper – President-elect Royal Holloway SU

Nathan Bolton – Essex Uni SU Campaigns Officer

Chris Bambery – Secretary Right To Work


  1. Fatherof2 says:

    I’m a father of two small kids who I was going to bring on Saturday. If people are planning to extend the demo (without permission?) I don’t want to risk my kids getting kettled, horse-charged and all the rest. This unnecessary action deters people like me from coming.

  2. Hanif Leylabi says:

    Hyde Park will be a space with hundreds of thousands of people. It’s great that you’re bringing your kids and if you don’t want to come to trafalgar yothen there’ll be no pressure on you to do so. I’m sure the TUC will have provisions for people with families. However A-B marches have not got a great record of winning our demands in of themselves. This is why a broad range of activists, from grass roots student activists to Members of Parliament have come together to help facilitate another, complimentary, event on the day for people who would like to attend.

    I’ll be at both events and I’m confident hundreds of thousands will be in London on the day intent on a peaceful, inclusive, diverse and energetic day of action.

  3. fatherof1 says:

    I’m definitely going and I’m taking my 7 month old daughter with me. If you are concerned about trouble, which I don;t think is too much of a worry as the protest will be so big and diverse, then just attend the official TUC part of the day. The police would be out of their minds to try and batter a bunch of trade unionists and their families.

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