Your help is needed!

If you can help with anything on the day please e-mail

1. Make huge banners in the last few days so that we can turn Trafalgar Square into a people’s square. Be political! Be creative!

2. We will need sleeping bags, blankets and tents. If you have any spare make sure to bring them along. It’s the end of March so the nights are not as warm as we would like them to be.

3. Bring food and drink along. It will be a long night. If you have any portable cooking facilities make sure to not leave them at home.

4. On March 26 we will need as many people as possible to volunteer to help us leaflet for the occupation of Trafalgar Square.  

– People will be leafleting at the Education Bloc at ULU, Malet Street from 10am

– People will be leafleting at Trafalgar Square from 10.30am

– People will be leafleting at Hyde Park from 3pm

We need a lot of people to cover the demonstration. Please e-mail if you can help

5. Messages of solidarity. Solidarity makes all the difference. If you are on a coach or train home you should raise the occupation with your delegation and send us a message of support.

If you have any further ideas just drop us an e-mail and we’ll add it to the list

  1. Jay Hasan says:

    Hi, im willing to volunteer for the demonstration.

  2. Realitycheck says:

    Just wondered whether you have written permission from the Mayor(‘s office) for the above activities? If not then it would be illegal to “attach any article to any tree, plinth, plant box, seat, railing, fence or other structure” and “exhibit any notice, advertisement or any other written or pictorial matter”, which clearly impedes banners, and “camp, or erect or cause to be erected any structure, tent or enclosure” under the GREATER LONDON AUTHORITY ACT 1999, SECTION 385.


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